Sun. Jul 14th, 2024

Treatment of gallstones


Mix a little guggul and turmeric in gram flour, heat it and tie it to form a lump of sugar.

Grind the green leaves of Nenu and extract half a litre of its juice. Keep it in a tinned vessel add half a kilo of very old cow or goat ghee to it and cook on low flame. When all the juice burns and only ghee is left, take it off. After this, mix 25 grams of pure wax in it make an ointment and keep it in a box. Applying this ointment to the gland cures the gland quickly.

Grind figs like chutney, heat it and make a poultice. By making many poultices in this way and tying them at an interval of 2-2 hours, the pain of the gland calms down and it gets cooked quickly.

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