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कफ रोग
कफ रोग

Ayurveda states that every person has a special nature to treat chronic cough. Most people have no idea about their nature whereas you can know your nature very easily based on your habits and temperament. For example, if you take a lot of time to start a task or your activities are very slow and serious, it shows that you are of Kapha nature.

खांसी का घरेलू इलाज

Home remedies for cough

Gulma Kalanal

Put 20 mg Kalonji Gum, 2 grams Black Salt and 2 grams roasted Ajwain in Kharab and take it with warm water in the morning and evening to destroy phlegm.


Mix Ajwain and Black Salt in buttermilk and drink it, it ignites Agni, excreta and urine comes out and phlegm is destroyed.


Phlegm is destroyed by taking 2 grams of Sajjikhar and 6 grams of Jaggery with warm water in the morning and evening. → Phlegm is destroyed by taking 6 grams to 10 grams of Chitrakadi Ghee with milk in the morning and evening according to the patient. This Ghee is Agnideepak, Shaktivardhak and destroys highness.

Copper Ash

Phlegm is destroyed by taking 60 grams of Copper Ash with milk in the morning and evening according to the patient. It also destroys Agni, invigorates and destroys burning sensation.

Manikadi Manthan

Take an equal quantity of celery, Chitrak root, Yaksha root, Pippali root, Dante root, Pippali and grind them to make powder. Consuming 3 to 6 grams of Sura with the upper part cures cough and pain. This powder is also beneficial for the growth of the spleen.

After food, take 20 ml of Kumaryasava. Mixing an equal amount of water in it and drinking it in the morning and evening destroys phlegm quickly.

Small Pilla

Taking an equal quantity of Chhoti Peepal, Pipramul, Chitrak bark, white cumin and rock salt and grinding them to make a fine powder and consuming it with alcohol destroys even incurable tumours.

Kankayan Gutika (Tablet)

Kankayan Gutika (Tablet) – Consuming two tablets with lukewarm water in the morning destroys Vata, piles and heart and worm disorders. Using Gutika with cow urine destroys even old tumours.

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