miraculous home remedies from guava

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miraculous home remedies from guava

guava fruits

Consuming guava is beneficial for diseases: –

Guava is very beneficial in constipation, it contains more fiber. One guava contains 12 per cent fibre which makes it very beneficial for digestive health. and prevents constipation. In constipation, eat guava by applying salt on an empty stomach.
Guava is helpful in preventing diabetes. Prevents the problem of constipation in diabetes. In diabetes, eat a little raw guava with more seeds by applying black salt.

There are a lot of problems with bloating (gas that accumulates in the body) in women. Terrible around periods. In such a situation, eating guava during the day by applying black salt reduces the problem of bloating by reducing the swelling in the stomach.

Benefits of guava in heart diseases: –

Guava contains sodium and potassium which helps in keeping the blood vessels (arteries) healthy and keeping the BP problem in balance. Also, this fruit increases the level of good cholesterol and keeps the heart healthy.

Benefits of guava in obesity: –

Guava is rich in fibre and low in calories. Also, its fibre helps in reducing belly fat by increasing the metabolic rate.

Benefits of guava when the eyes are weak: –

Guava fruit contains Vitamin A which helps in increasing the eyesight of a person. Eating guava not only prevents poor eyesight but also protects you from diseases like cataracts.

Guava treatment for cold and cough: –

Eating cooked guava is beneficial for colds and coughs. Guava is rich in Vitamin C which can be helpful in relieving cough and cold. It gets rid of mucus (phlegm) and eases the problem by clearing the windpipe, throat and lungs.

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