Children’s mental illness and treatment

Children’s mental illness – Today we will discuss how to get rid of headaches and mental illness, on hearing these words we go back to the memories of previous headaches. Pain that starts off mild and gradually gets worse and sometimes becomes unbearable. Sometimes it also happens that even after taking medicines, we do not get relief from headaches.

Head and mental diseases

mental illness

How to get rid of head and mental illness

१. Nature of infants and children

The nature of infants/children like being lazy, speaking late, hesitating, being irritable, excessive hunger, excessive sweating, not talking to strangers, and always being scared, many such diseases can be cured by homoeopathic medicine only. If the baby’s chest swells due to the accumulation of milk or any other substance in the chest, in such a situation, cover the swollen part of the baby with a cloth soaked in sweet oil.

If there is no benefit, wash the chest with water mixed with a little brandy and give 2-3 parts of Chamomilla 6 or 2-3 parts of Belladonna 6. If the child speaks late, give 2-3 doses of Natrum Mur 6X.
If the child walks late, give two doses of Calcarea Carb 30.

When there is a delay in walking and speaking of the child, give two doses of Iodium 30. If the child is lazy and does not want to do any work, give two doses of Baryta Carb 30. Give two doses of Alumina 30 if the child is in the habit of eating chalk or clay.

Giving 2-3 doses of Abrotanum 6 gives relief in bleeding from the navel of children.
It happens. Children develop late. Health remains bad. They are weak and irritable in nature. Give two doses of Senicula 30.

Children’s heads are big. Hunger is high and feeling weak even after eating food, feels dry and dry. Wrinkles appear on the skin. Give two doses of Sulfur 30. The child is irritable and of a discontented nature. Difficulty in teething. suddenly shouts. The colour of diarrhoea is green like grass, one cheek is red and the other is greenish yellow. Trouble increases by sleeping. Give 2-3 doses of Chamomilla 6.

The child is irritable and cannot be satisfied in any way, cannot even tolerate being touched. Give two doses of Arnica 30 for any injury at the time of birth.
Excessive hunger, and thin stools, also with great difficulty, earn sweat. If there is a delay in walking, speaking and teething, if there is sweating, then there is coldness.

Head and stomach are big and loose stools remain. Give two doses of Alumina 30.
Weak arms and legs of children (especially the bones of the thigh) Natrum Mur 30 g
Give quantity.

The child starts crying when touched or looked at by a stranger. Give 2-3 doses of Antimonium Coodum 6 to children who have cold sweat, especially in the head and more at night. Give Calca Carb, 200 one dose or Silicea 200 one dose.

Excessive sweating at night. Give two doses of Silicea 30. (Big head, hard and big stomach) Give two doses of Mag Carb 30 or Ethuja 30. Give 2-3 doses of Natrum Carb 6 to children for cold hands and feet and increase in pain due to cold.
Children grow quickly, have pale complexion, lack of blood, feel cold quickly, bleeding starts due to the slightest injury, and like to eat cold things. Give a single dose of Phosphorus 30.

The child feels hungry at 11 o’clock. Head hot and feet cold. He cries as soon as he wakes up. Drinks more and eats less food. Eats more smooth things.

Always tired. Lips red, foul smell in stool, sometimes diarrhoea and sometimes constipation, does not like to take bath. Feels bad after the bath. Weakness remains even after eating. Give one dose of Sulfur 200 in the morning.

Less sweating, cold damp feet, does not like milk. The head is very large with a large and hard abdomen. Swelling of abdomen and legs. Late teething Sour sweat, stool, and vomiting. White stools, the child gets scared easily. Give two doses of Calca Carb 30.

Tall child, fast-growing, anaemia, always fearful. Afraid of dark or being alone, want to drink ice cold water, excessive desire for salt and salty food. Give a dose of Phosphorus 30. The child is always lying like a dead body. Looks old. Face pale and weak. likes sweet Diarrhea is caused by taking medicine. Give two doses of Argentum Nitricum 30.

A child is weak, the head is big and the body is small, the face is pale, smooth, and looks old • Bones and muscles grow slowly. Due to this, the child walks late. Give two doses of Silicea 30.

The child eats more, yet remains thin. The face is thin, pale and smooth as if grease has been applied. Skin dry, withered. The child looks small and looks like an old man. Eats a lot of salt and hates the bread and fatty food, starts crying quickly. Give 2-3 doses of Natrum Mur 6.

The child is more agitated, unable to sleep at night and sometimes very happy. Give 2-3 doses of Coffee 6.

Give two doses of Ferrum Mate 30 to children who are pale in appearance, thin, who always feel cold, have cold hands and feet, who sleep most of the day and who have a runny nose.

Children who drink more drink sweat more, and whose face is red and chubby body. Give one dose of Calcarea Carb 200. The child is irritable and quick-tempered. There are more boils and pimples. Bones weak, skin rough and dry. Weakness increases even after excessive hunger, thirst is strong, and wrinkles appear on the body. The child should look like an old person. Give one dose of Sulfur 200 in the morning.

The glands of the throat become swollen or become swollen and ripe. The patient is more prone to cold, the tendency of syphilis disease should be found in the parents. Give two doses of Cistus Cane 30. Greasy and foul-smelling sweat around the head. Swollen glands oozing pus, teeth not fully erupted, skin cold. Give two doses of Mercurius 30.

The child’s glands become swollen and burst, like a canker, pus keeps coming out of them. Give one dose of Silicea 200 twice a week. When the trend of the disease started moving towards tuberculosis. Give one dose of Tuberculinum 200 and two doses of Calcarea Phos 30.

When the tendency of the disease is towards tuberculosis. Dizziness, dull headache, special pain in the heart. More pain to the child due to sound and noise. Give two doses of Theridion 30.

2. Open the Sucher of the skull

After birth, if the Brahma talu of the child does not fill (within eight months), then one dose of Sulfur 30 should be given and if there is no benefit for a week, then one dose of Kelke Karya 30 should be given.

3. Continuous crying of the child without any reason

If the child wakes up suddenly from sleep and keeps on crying loudly, give three doses of Belladonna-3 a day. The child remains restless, its body remains hot and Barawar keeps on crying. Coffee-Give three quantities in 6 days. Give 3 doses of Chamomilla-12 if the cause of the baby’s crying is a pain in the ear if the baby repeatedly moves the hand towards the ear or if there is a headache.

शिशु का बराबार चिल्लाना

4. Restlessness and wakefulness in the child

Due to excess blood or accumulation of blood in the child’s head, improper eating habits of the child’s mother or child, worms in the stomach, etc., children do not feel restless and sleep. The child’s head is hot, crying constantly, and sleeping. He cannot sleep and wakes up crying suddenly in his sleep. Give Belladonna-3 thrice a day. The child’s body should remain warm, frequent twitching of the body, irritable nature and always wants to stay in the lap. Give Chamomilla 6 thrice.

The child laughs and plays but remains restless from time to time. Tries to sleep but cannot sleep. His body is always warm. Give Koffia 6 three doses.

5. Hydrocephalus

In this disease, serum (water) gets collected in the skull of the head due to which the child’s head becomes big. This disease mostly occurs in infancy. Sometimes this disease arises with birth itself. In children whose bones of the head are thin and not fused together, they are particularly affected by the disease.

In children, the size of the head gradually increases. The front and back of the head emerge. The forehead appears especially large. There is a squint in the eyes. Mental and physical weakness arises. Because of this, he likes to lie down.

Tremors and cramps in the body or any part are its main symptoms. This disease can occur anytime from the birth of the baby to one year and can last for eight to ten years. In the end, the child dies. But this disease can also be cured by timely treatment.

In this disease, the child drinks the mother’s milk with pleasure and easily but becomes lean. Gradually his head gets bigger and he looks like an old man. And always wants to lie down. Silicea 30 or Sulfur 30 should be given twice a day for some time.

If the child stops passing urine unknowingly with the above-mentioned symptoms and does not drink anything except water, then give Helleborus thrice a day for a long time.

The child has a fever and cries out in fear in between. Aconite-3 Give three doses at a gap of three hours.

Restlessness and sleeplessness due to worms in the stomach of the child. chest 6x day

Give three times. Constipation in the child and restlessness and sleeplessness in the child due to the mother drinking coffee. Give Nux Vomica-6 thrice a day.

6. Meningitis

Due to head injury or falls etc., the meninges of children become inflamed. The child does not feel hungry, the head remains heavy. It keeps on happening, the pulse is weak, and the coming and going of the breath is irregular. Vision becomes crooked. Body temperature starts increasing. 2-3 doses of eyepiece 3 should be given for some time.

If the child cries in his sleep when the child is hurt. 2-3 doses of Arnica 3 should be given daily for some time. In this disease, if the back part of the child’s head and the back of the neck is more, then give 2-3 doses of Hellevorus-3 daily for some time or give one dose of Bacillinum 200. Which should be given from time to time as per requirement.

7. Swelling of the brain

The blockage of blood circulation in the brain and the accumulation of blood cells inside the fibres leads to swelling in the brain. Although it reduces on its own, in case of non-recovery, medicine should be used. The bone of the head does not join quickly, whereas there is a large amount of soft and chubby places.
Due to the presence of fluid in it, it remains bloated.

Rhus tox should be given three times in 6 days. To prevent premature greying of the scalp, one dose of Calke Carb 30 should be given three times a day. Lepis alva should be given thrice a day for 30 days, it is the best medicine for swelling of all glands.

8. Fear and crying of a child

The child’s tendency to get scared and scream is related to the brain, so when there is excess blood or blood accumulation in his head, cold air, stomach upset or worms. If a disorder arises in some part of the body, for these reasons the child cries. When the child screams, it should be understood that there is some disease, if the child cries by putting his hand on the ear, then it should be understood that there is a problem in the ear and if the legs shrink, then there is a problem in the stomach.

The child is restless, cannot sleep and cries all the time. The body remains warm and dry, and if fear causes trouble, give three doses of Aconite 6. The child screams for a long time and then stops and then screams louder, seems to want to sleep but cannot sleep. Suddenly wakes up from sleep and starts crying. Give three doses of Belladonna 6.

The baby cries and is more restless. He wants someone to take him on his lap and take him for a ride. One cheek remains red. Give 2-3 doses of Chamomilla 12. The child cries as well as laughs, and the child remains awake. He does not sleep at all and does not show any signs of sleep. Give two doses of Coffee

9. physical and mental illness

The child is constipated and the stomach is full of air, the reason for this is that his mother eats rich food. The child is always crying and the child is restless. Every day at 3-4 o’clock in the night, his eyes open and he wants to be taken around. Give three doses of Nux vom 30.

The child started crying over the slightest issue. Give two doses of Causticum 30. After sleeping the child wakes up very scared, screams as soon as he wakes up and clings to whoever is near. Give two doses of Stramonium 30. to the child

The child wakes up repeatedly, screams while sleeping, and grinds their teeth. Give two doses of Belladonna 30. If the child does not want to sleep, he has to be carried around in the lap. Give 2-3 doses of Chamomilla 6. The child remains happy throughout the day, plays but cries throughout the night, and remains irritable. Give two doses of Jalpa 12.

The child cried throughout the day, whined and slept peacefully at night. Give two doses of Lycopodium 30. Babies cry and do not sleep for no reason. 2-3 doses of Coffee 6 should be given or three doses of Opium 6 should be given. They also make you sleep.

If the baby cries a lot at night and the reason is not understood, rub the baby’s abdomen lightly with a soft cloth and give 2-3 drops of Belladonna 6 or 3 drops of Colocynth 6 or 3 drops of Nux vom 6.

If the child plays throughout the day, or cries throughout the night, give Psorinum 30 in two doses. Or give 2-3 doses of Jelapa 6. The child wakes up in a state of shock. Give two doses of alumina 30. Give 2 doses of Calcarea Carb 30 to fat chubby children who have perspiration on the head during sleep.

Perspiration on the head during sleep in emaciated children. Give two doses of Silicea 30. The child has a strong desire to eat sweets and whose stomach has not come out, who is always dirty. Give two doses of Sulfur 30.

Dhulthule is the best medicine for children who drink a lot of water and who perspire profusely. Give two doses of Calca Carb 30. Children urinating 30 who are irritable and troubled. Give two doses of Ignatia. Bed-wetting children whose family members have been suffering from tuberculosis. Give a dose of Bacillinum 200.

Such children whose elders were also unable to stop urination. Give two doses of Opium 30 or two doses of Conium 30.

Along with the disease of bedwetting, if the child is suffering from other diseases as well or if the skin disease is suppressed, the disease of the urine arises. Give a dose of Psorinum 200.

Children should be given a single dose of Ignatia 1M on sight. If the child is not interested in studies and forgets to remember, give two doses of Anacardium 30 for these symptoms.

If the child is physically and mentally backward and always suffers from tonsils. Give two doses of Baryta Carb 30. The child should not have mental weakness and concentration. Give two doses of Athuja 30.

The child always tells about headaches while studying. Give 2-3 doses of phosphoric acid 6. The child could not tolerate the slightest scolding. Give two doses of Medorhineum 30 or two doses of Natrum Sulph 30 according to the symptoms.

Teasing children may be a cause of trouble. Give 2-3 doses of Ignatia 6. A child whose muscles are weak from birth, whose brain is weak, dumb and deaf children who are moody and short in stature and learn to walk late. Give two doses of Baryta Carb 6.

When physical and mental problems arise after vaccination. Give two doses of Silicea 200. Children in whom T.B. The heritability of what is found should be given to them.

One quantity of Bacillinum 200. It should be given when some other disease develops due to the suppression of skin disease. One dose of Psorinium 200.

Children have a disease caused by intestinal worms, in which the urine becomes like milk after keeping it for some time. Give a dose of Cena 200. Urine is dark and with a strong odour (similar to horse urine). Give three doses of Benzoic Acid 6. If the disease of bed-wetting has arisen due to vaccination, give one dose of Silicea 200.

10. Headache

Headache is not a disease, it is the result of suffering from many other diseases. There are many reasons for headaches, such as excess blood accumulation in the head, disturbance of the nervous system, anaemia, vata etc.

Children under the age of four cannot tell the disease of headache but it can be inferred from the symptoms that the child has headache. Like a child wants to lie down and tries to keep the head together in a way. The child looks restless and upset. Headache and bruising may also occur. Sunlight and heat can also be the cause of headaches.

Headache and fever due to injury in the child. Give Arnica twice a day for 30 days.

Dripping pain in the head, red face in headache, pupils dilated and shining, crying out while falling asleep. Headache due to cold. Give 2-3 doses of Belladonna 30.

Due to the cold, the child’s headache feels as if some wire has tied his head. The child remains silent, with pain in the body and feeling of coldness in the spinal cord, sore throat. Give Gelsemium twice a day for 30 days. • Headache due to sunlight or heat, due to which the child faints and cannot keep his head straight. The face looks pale. Give 2-3 doses of Glonine 30.

Vomiting and headache due to bile. Give Iris Works 30 twice a day. Headache due to an upset stomach. Give Nux vomica twice a day for 30 days. Headache after eating fatty foods. Give Pulsatilla twice a day for 30 days.

Spinal cord and nervous system ailments

1. Cramps and convulsions in children

In children, the nervous system is very soft, it gets excited due to simple reasons. This stimulation causes convulsions or stiffness in children. Teeth • Spasms during eruption, due to worm, disturbance of palate, injury, fear or simple excitement. In common language, it is also called by people as fits.

 बच्चों में अकड़न व ऐंठन

The child has a fever with convulsions, dry and hot skin, restlessness and anxiety in the child, grinding of teeth and sometimes hiccups. Give two doses of Aconite 6. If convulsions occur due to injury or fall, give one dose of Arnica 200.

With convulsions, the mouth and eyes are red and dilated. Startled while sleeping, cannot sleep on trying to sleep, foam comes out at the mouth mostly during convulsions. Give three doses of Belladonna 30. At the time of convulsions, one cheek appears red, the child may want to take it here and there and rotate it. Cold sweat on the forehead. Give 2-3 doses of Chamomilla 12.

Hands and feet are red and cramping in them. This type of problem occurs in children due to having a stomach worm (Ascaris), something that seems to be stuck in the throat. Urine gives a quantity of milky white chest 200. Muscle cramps and tremors. Foaming and trembling at the mouth as if the child is scared, lying down aggravates the cough and sitting gives relief. Give two doses of Hyoscymus 30.

The child was startled in his sleep and cried out loudly. The spasm is only in one part. These spasms came at certain times. Give two doses of Ignatia 30.

Trembling in the whole body and throwing hands and feet here and there, the child becomes unconscious and there is difficulty in breathing. Give Opium 30 twice daily in the morning and evening. The disease of convulsions has arisen due to fear. In which the child throws his hands and feet and suddenly passes urine and faeces. Stared with wide eyes as if he was scared of something. The cause of the disease can also be the suppression of any skin disease. Give two doses of Stramonium 30.

Cramps in the child, shaking hands and legs, sweating. Wakes up in the night, starts trembling and screams while sleeping. At the time of teething, children have vomiting and nausea as well as loose motions, the colour of loose motions keeps on changing. Wheezing with cough. Give 2-3 doses of Ipecac 6.

2. Spinal Bifida

During pregnancy, water accumulates in the spinal canal of the baby. Due to this, there is an imperfection in the spinal cord and it looks different. The place of disease swells up like a tumour in the newly born baby. The bone defect is removed by giving Calcarea Phos 3x powder and the external tumour is cured by giving Apis-3. These medicines should be given for a longer period of time and should be given till the defect is relieved.

Eye and vision diseases

1. Style in the eye of the child

There is a cavity in the eye again and again. It turns out to be hard and sometimes gets cooked. Whether the cavity is on the lower or upper eyelid. Give Pulse 3 or Staphysgaria-3 four times every four hours. If there is no benefit from pulse and staphysgeria, then give Hiper Sulf-6 three times at a gap of six hours.

If the cavity of a child with a particular metal is not cured in any way, use Uza 30 or Sulfur 30 twice a day.

2. The wound in the eye of children

Give black gram thrice a day for 30 days to the wound in the eye without pain.

“With pain in the eye, give Conium three doses in 6 days with an interval of four days. Small pimples, swelling and wound in the eyelids of the eye”. Give Jaquio Ix at an interval of four hours.

3. Pain in the eyes

Crushing pain in the eye. Give Arnica 3 or Gels 3 with an interval of four hours. Pain like a hook stuck in the eye. Give Duja 30 or Acid Nitric 30 or Hiper Sulph 6 with an interval of four hours.

Needle-like pain in the eye. Give nitric acid three times in 30 days. Pain like an arrow in the eye. Give Apis mail 6 every four hours. Tearing pain in the eye. Give Pulse 3 or Aram Moor 30 at an interval of three hours.

Tearing pain in the eye, which is aggravated by baking. Give Hiper Sulph 30 at an interval of three hours. Unbearable pain in the eye. Give Chamomilla-12 with a gap of four hours. Sudden pain in the eye. Give Sidran-6 thrice a day. Pain in the eye suddenly increases and decreases. Give Belladonna-6 with an interval of four hours. The pain in the eye gradually increased and gradually decreased. Give Stanum-6 thrice a day. Pain around the eyes, especially in the left eye. Give Spigilia-3 thrice a day.

Numbness of that place after pain in the eye. Give Mezerium-30 thrice a day. Asafoetida – 3 times a day with pain extending outside the eye. Stiffness and pain inside the eye. Give Acid Phos thrice a day for 6 days. Stiffness and pain in the outside of the eye. Give Lyco-12 thrice a day. Pain in the eye worse on looking at the sun or gas light. Give Sulphur-30 twice a day.

Eye pain aggravated by sunlight or bright light. Give Merc 3 thrice a day. Eye pain at night. Give Cephalinum-30 thrice a day. Eye pain aggravated by baking. Give Sulphur-30 thrice a day. For increased stiffness or pain in the eye, give Bryonia-3, or 6 thrice a day.

Stiffness or pain in the eye, the child should not even touch the eye. Give Belladonna-3 thrice a day. There is a feeling of stiffness in the eyes. Give Arje Nai three times in 6 days. The pain subsides by rubbing the eyes. Give Hypersulphur-6 at an interval of four hours.

4. Inflammation of the eye

Arge nitricum is the best medicine for eye inflammation in children. Give it at an interval of four hours. If the cause of conjunctivitis in children is due to cold, dew or exposure to excess light, restlessness, sleeplessness, excessive watering of the eyes, or redness of the pupils, give Aconite 3 thrice at an interval of four to four hours. Conjunctivitis after smallpox. Give Apis Mel 3 thrice every four hours. Ocular inflammation due to injury. Give Arnica 3 every four hours.

Swelling and redness of the eyelids, and sometimes bleeding. Give Belladonna 3 every four hours. In case of swelling of eyelids and accumulation of pus in their roots, give Mercasol 6 every four hours.

5. Lachrymation from the eye

Dropping of water from the eye. Give Ars 30 with a gap of four hours. The drop of warm water from the eyes should be given pulse-3 with a gap of four hours. Dropping of water like oil from the eyes. Give Sulphur-30 with an interval of four hours.

6. General diseases of the eye

The eyes are a special part of the body through which we can see each other and everything. Various types of diseases occur in the eyes which have many causes such as diseases of the brain, bleeding, delirium, intermittent fever, upset stomach, convulsive attacks, accumulation of blood in the brain, working in smoke, heat and cold. to be, etc. Give 2-3 drops of Natrum Mur 30 when the watery eyes of the child. The baby’s eyes swell because of the bright light. Eyes red and discharge from the eyes. Give 2-3 doses of Aconite 6.

The eyelids of the baby’s eyes become swollen and bleed. Sticks in the morning and discharge of yellow colour. Give 2-3 doses of Chamomilla 6. • The baby’s eyes are very red and there is thick pus coming out of them. Give 2-3 doses of Pulse 6.

Swelling of the eyes due to cold in the child due to which the child remains restless. Eyes turn red. The child does not like to look at the light. Sometimes blood comes from the eye. Give 2-3 doses of Belladonna 30. Swelling, redness of the upper lids and sticky discharge from the eye. Give two doses of Calca Carb 30.

Eye problems in children may be due to cold. Blood comes out and remains cold, difficulty in opening. The child should not feel comfortable in any way. The eyelids become more swollen. Sticky substances came out from inside it, due to which the crust of white-white material gets accumulated around the eye. Give 2-3 doses of Merc Vivaus 30.

Swelling, redness, and itching in the eye. Dryness in the corners of the eyes. Give one dose of Sulfur 200 in the morning. (Those children whose parents are suffering from skin disease then this medicine is very good). If the child’s fist gets hurt in the eye. Give a single dose of Symphytum 200.

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