पित्त रोग लक्षण

gallstone symptoms

Here we will learn about Pitta Dosha, its properties, types, nature, symptoms of Pitta disease and their treatment.

gallstone symptoms

What is pitta dosha?

Pitta dosha is made up of two elements ‘fire’ and ‘water’. It controls the hormones and enzymes produced in our body. Things like body heat, body temperature, digestive fire are controlled by Pitta. Pitta being in a balanced state is very important for good health. Bile is mainly found in the stomach and small intestine in the body.

पित्त रोग लक्षण
पित्त रोग लक्षण

Types of bile :

Pitta has been divided into five bhangas on the basis of their residence and different functions in the body.

Properties of bile:

Smoothness, heat, liquid, acid and bitter are the symptoms of Pitta. Pitta is digestive and heat producing and smells like raw meat. In niram dasha, bile juice is yellow in color with bitter taste. Whereas in Sama Dasha it is sour in taste and blue in colour. The qualities found in any dosha have different effects on the body and from that the characteristics and characteristics of nature are known.

Characteristics of pitta nature:

Some special characteristics are found in people with Pitta nature, on the basis of which they can be easily identified. If we talk about physical characteristics, then medium height body, softness in muscles and bones, clear skin color and presence of moles and warts on it are the symptoms of Pitta nature. Apart from this, graying of hair, darkening of body parts such as nails, eyes, soles of feet and palms are also characteristics of pitta nature.

Reasons for aggravation of Pitta:

The chances of aggravation of pitta are more in the early winter season and in youth. If you belong to Pitta Prakriti, then it is very important for you to know for what reasons Pitta is increasing. Let’s take a look at some of the major reasons.

Remedies to pacify Pitta:

To balance the increased pitta, first of all stay away from those reasons due to which pitta dosha is increased. Apart from dietary and lifestyle changes, some medical procedures can also help in removing pitta.

Virechana :

Virechana (stomach cleansing medicine) is the best remedy to pacify aggravated pitta. In fact, in the beginning, bile remains accumulated in the stomach and duodenum only. These stomach-cleansing medicines reach these organs and expel the bile accumulated there completely.

What to eat to balance Pitta:

By changing your diet, increased pitta can be easily pacified. Let us know which things should be consumed more to avoid the outbreak of bile.

What should not be eaten by Pitta Prakriti people:

There are some things to eat and drink which increase pitta dosha. That’s why people with Pitta nature should not consume these things.

gallstone disease symptoms

Flatulence, Pain, Diarrhea, Cramping, Gas, Sour belching, Acidity, Ulcer, Urine burning, Intermittent and frequent urination, Stones, Premature ejaculation, Dream interpretation, Drooling, Low sperm count, Infertility, Blood Gonorrhea, leucorrhoea, blisters in uterus and ovaries, enlargement of scrotum, allergy, itching, rash, cold, any type of headache, premature ejaculation caused by diabetes, weakness, insulin deficiency, jaundice, anemia, piles, white spots, less or more menstruation, etc.


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