Treatment Of Dark Circles

Treatment Of Dark Circles

causes of dark circles under the eyes

There are many reasons for the formation of dark circles under the eyes, including heredity, ageing, dry skin, excessive tearing, working long hours in front of the computer, mental and physical stress, lack of sleep, and lack of nutritious food. It can be dark circles in women or men of different age groups. Let us know below how to remove the problem of dark circles with a banana peel.

The first way to remove dark circles under the eyes

First, grind the banana peels. Then add 2-3 drops of lemon juice, and one spoon of honey to it. Apply this paste on the skin under the eyes. After 10 minutes, pat it lightly and clean it. After a few days of use, you will see the effect.

Another way to remove dark circles: First of all grind banana peels or cut the banana into pieces. Now add aloe vera gel as per requirement. Now mix all these well and make a paste. Apply a thick layer under the face. After 10 minutes you wash the face with clean water.

The third way to remove dark circles is to keep banana peels in the refrigerator for 20 minutes. Then cut them in size and apply them under the eyes. Apply these peels under the eyes for 15 minutes. Then clean the face with clean water. Apply 2 to 3 times a day. You will start seeing the effect in a few days.

Potato is also not the answer to removing dark circles. Add a few drops of lemon to potato juice. Apply this mixture under the eyes with the help of cotton

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